Latecomer, The - by Sarah Aldridge (eBook)



The Latecomer invites you into the world of Philippa and Kay, strangers who meet aboard a cruise ship and despite very different lives and aspirations, find a surprising bond. Through political and romantic intrigue they uncover the truth about themselves.

"I've learned a peculiar kind of courage,” Philippa thought, “a particular kind of self-respect, that I did not know existed. I'm alive. I' m a whole human being. At last."

The Latecomer, by Sarah Aldridge was the first book published by the legendary Naiad Press and one of the first lesbian romance to have a happy ending. This brave and passionate love story ushered in a brigade of fierce women writers, musicians, and activists determined to change their self imagery.

Sarah Aldridge was a pen name for Anyda Marchant who went on to write a total of 14 lesbian novels between 1974 and 2003. She and her partner Muriel Crawford were two of the founders of Naiad Press.

We celebrate this 35th anniversary reissue of The Latecomer by launching The Latecomer Legacy Project – gathering the words of women who discovered this early lesbian literature and telling their tales — how these pioneering stories helped pave the way to positive self images and lesbian pride. Essays from lesbian authors, musicians, and other artists in a unique introduction to this edition of a classic romance.


“Think back. Who saved your life? … Did new discoveries like Sarah Aldridge’s The Latecomer arrive in secret brown paper packages from Naiad Press?” —Holly Near, singer, author

“The first book I purchased at Giovanni’s Room was The Latecomer by Sarah Aldridge. It was also the first lesbian book I ever purchased…I still have that book…” —Radclyffe, author

“Anyda died in 2006 at the age of 94, full of honors and with a legion of devoted fans. How lucky we are that she passed our way. (This edition) is a fitting accolade to one of our most cherished literary lights and deserves a place on every lesbian’s bookshelf. —Ann Bannon, author

“I began calling myself a lesbian long before I had a girlfriend. What to do during those lonely summer days and nights? Why read, of course.” —Lesléa Newman, author, Poet Laureate of Northampton, MA

Author: Sarah Aldridge
ISBN 13: 978-1-60282-174-3E

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